Independent real wine specialist

Half way up the High Street in the picturesque north Dorset town, Shaftesbury Wines is an independent treasure-trove of real wines from small producers. You will also find an outrageous number of super-premium gins, a good range of malt whisky, brandy, grappa, port, fine hand-rolled cigars, local craft beers, mead, cider and all sorts of other goodies.

The range is constantly changing with new finds being added and squeezed in, where space permits. You won’t find industrial mass-produced brands here. You will find expert, friendly guidance, in a non intimidating environment where you can discover something new and delicious. We feel it is important to have drunk each of the wines so we can offer a personal opinion as well as the knowledge which comes from 40 years working with wine- we love our work!

Spring 2018 – Despite Alice’s best efforts, our website has got a little left behind in recent months as it’s been all hands on deck serving customers.

If you’re making a special journey for a particular bottle, please do give us a quick call and check that we haven’t accidentally sold it! 

Similarly, we have some exciting new products which we haven’t quite got round to listing yet – please bear with us and we’ll try and get it all shipshape again soon.

Please drink responsibly; to us this means enjoying real wine made with passion rather than chemicals.

WARNING:  This site contains images of alcohol and tobacco products.  If you are under 18 you should not be looking at it.  Go and do something healthy outside instead.