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Côte-Rôtie Le Combard Domaine Gilles Barge 2014


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The steep terraced slopes of Côte Rôtie now produces some of the most sought after wines of the whole Rhône Valley.
 The best Côte Rôtie is all about freshness and elegance, providing a counterpoint to neighbouring Hermitage which emphasises weight and power., and Gilles Barge’s  really champions this style.
Traditionally, only a classique Côte Rôtie—a mixture of wine from Côte Brune and Côte Blonde was produced.

Gilles was instrumental in shaking this up and pioneered two highly expressive and unique single-vineyard cuvées, of which Le Combard is the second.

Despite having soil that’s both extraordinary and unique in the appellation (it’s covered in glacially deposited large pebbles—something common to Châteauneuf but unheard of in Côte Rôtie, and the volcanic subsoil is also unique) Le Combard had been abandoned since World War I.

Probably because this full-south facing lieux-dit at the southernmost part of the village of Ampuis is SERIOUSLY steep  It took two decades of unbelievably difficult labour, rebuilding the terraces and even putting in a monorail to access the nearly vertical upper slope here.

Le Combard’s super special terroir produces a particularly savory peppery quality which marries beautifully with the floral character of its tiny touch of Viognier.

The result is an intensely aromatic Côte Rôtie that’s unlike any other.







Grape Variety

Syrah (Shiraz), Viognier




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