Independent Real Wine Specialist


We are pleased that we are considered essential so we can still open, however there are not many people about and it is VERY COLD in here (we like to keep the door open to let you know we are open, and to maintain fresh air!)

So, for the moment, our hours will be as follows:

Closed on Sunday and Monday

Open Tuesday to Saturday from 10am until 4pm

We will monitor the situation and may change this so watch this space.


We don’t often do promotions but times are strange* so here’s an extra little something while you lock down.

“The Dot” from our friends at Pfaffl in Austria

“Peach” Riesling,

“Apple” Gruner Veltliner

“Plum”  St Laurent (Red)

Normally £12    Now just £9 each


Domaine de la Creuze Noire Coteaux Bourguignons (Red)

(From the bit between Beaujolais and Burgundy – bursting with spring fruit)

Normally £16    Now just £12

Offers are subject to availability and while stocks last. No further discounts apply

*Brexit has presented its own set of obstacles but every problem throws up an opportunity. We are working with our suppliers to find solutions to mitigate the higher shipping cost and longer lead times.  One way is to pre-order larger volumes of specific wines well in advance, so they can ship cost-effective volumes less often.  Also, with hospitality shut down across Europe some small growers are keen to shift bulk, so we expect to have a few great deals to follow  – but only if we can shift it quickly – we don’t have much space to stock-pile!  We’re in this together!

If you are interested in the details of the new challenges we are facing, this article featuring one of our main suppliers gives a good account.