Independent Real Wine Specialist


We are pleased that we are still considered essential so we can still open, however there are not many people about and it VERY COLD in here  (we like to keep the door open to let you know we are open, and to maintain fresh air!)

So, for the moment, our hours will be as follows:

Closed on Sunday and Monday

Open Tuesday to Saturday from 10am until 4pm

We will monitor the situation and may change this so watch this space.

If there’s a high demand for delivery, as there was in the spring and summer, we will probably change to taking orders in the afternoon and close for delivery the following morning.  This is so we can find your house in daylight.


We have got a LOT of stock back in since Christmas so we don’t expect to run out any time soon.  Our suppliers appear to have good stockpiles too.


If there’s a wine we usually stock that you’re after, please check availability with us first. We’re doing our best to keep the website up to date, but there’s a lot of listings and only one Alice!



We don’t often do promotions but times are strange so here’s an extra little something while you lock down.

From our pals at Pfaffl in Austria we are offering mix and match on any 6 from their “Peach” Riesling, “Apple”Gruner Veltliner and “Plum” St Laurant (Red) for £60.  (Normally £12 each so that works out as one free bottle) while stocks last.