Shaftesbury Wines and Covid-19

Shaftesbury Wines and Covid-19

Page accurate as of Monday 23rd March

Will we be open this week?

Well, who knows?

Here’s what we are planning to do…

Unfortunately we will not be open on Mondays for a while as Alice needs to stay safe and David needs a day off. For Tuesday to Saturday we plan to remain open as long as we are allowed to and remain healthy.

We may need to lock the door and ask you to telephone from outside, but we intend to still be around during normal opening hours.

We don’t know if, or for how long, we’ll be able to get stock but we have a fair bit in so you may not get exactly what you want but on the other hand you may discover something new!

We are happy to make up orders for collection or local delivery. Ring us first though.

In terms of our future: If the government get the promised grants to us in the next month or so we should be OK. All our suppliers will get paid on time and we’ll continue to pay the rent. (As for VAT, they may have to wait for that, but they have said they will)

If we need to, we should be able to go into hibernation and come out the other side. I fully expect Shaftesbury Wines to still be here when this weird time is over.

Keep safe and see you on the other side of it all.