Biscardo Neropasso Rosso Veneto


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For anyone who’s been longing for a slightly lower ABV, more affordable ‘mini-Amarone’ – the wait is over!

The Biscardo Family have been winemakers for over 150 years, with brothers Maurizio and Martino currently at the helm. Their wines are always well-made, delicious and superb value for money.


Their Neropasso is made partly from air-dried grapes which have undergone the ‘Appassimento’ process, which has always characterized the production of the wines in the area. The technique of Appassimento has its roots in the distant past and has been practised since Roman times. Over the centuries, this technique of “drying” the grapes before pressing has been perfected and today marks the production of great wines.

This is an intense, ruby-red wine with a lightly spiced taste, full of stone fruit flavour, with a velvety-smooth finish.





Grape Variety

Cabernet Sauvignon, Corvina, Corvinone