Château de Montifaud Cognac VSOP


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Did you know almost 90% of Cognac is produced by the same ‘big 4’ brands?

Did you also know that in Cognac the word ‘Château’ can only be used if the grapes are estate grown and the resulting product is fermented, distilled and aged right there on site?

Cognacs that fit those criteria are properly rare, and we love them.  Montifaud was founded in 1866 and has spent 6 generations in the same family run by 6th generation, The grapes, almost entirely from the Ugni Blanc grape, come from their 320 acre estate in the chalk soiled Petit Champagne region. The grapes are gently pressed before being fermented and left on their lees for at least three months, then double distilled in three anicent copper pot stills.

The firey spirit is tamed by the careful addition of distilled water, often dripped in with a pipette for exactingly perfect results. This knocked-back clear spirit is run off into old Limousin oak casks for maturation.

Taste wise it’s full of fruit and nut flavour, smooth and seriously long on the finish. 8-10 years aging (more than twice the requirement) makes this a real treat.