Graham’s 2000 Vintage Port


2000 was a really good year for Port and a memorable date. The winter was cold and dry, followed by heavy rain in April and May which reduced yields. Despite this, consistently warm and dry weather between June and September allowed for steady ripening and picking began as normal around the 20th September.

Graham’s is known for its concentrated, rich style and the 2000 is a great example of this, particularly as the vintage was low-yielding and quality was high. However the Port is slightly more approachable than normal and, as the critics suggest , it is drinking beautifully now.  Wine Spectator said “Smells like freshly picked orchids, with loads of ripe, clean fruit. Full-bodied, medium sweet and very powerful and racy. It lasts for minutes on your palate. Yet there’s a balance and class to this young Vintage Port. This is the greatest glass of Graham I have ever tasted, young or old.

It will keep for decade or so if you want to lay it down though.





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