Grappa Cividina Tipica Bepi Tosolini

Grappa Cividina Tipica Bepi Tosolini


A passionate cultivator of his land’s traditions and a revolutionary in his field, Bepi Tosolini was the first to obtain a clear, limpid distillate through an innovative ageing process in ash barrels. Using only the freshest premium grapes, Bepi achieved a final product with an exceptional aroma, flavour and smoothness that has forever transformed grappa into an elite drink for the most refined palates.
Today, Bepi Tosolini represents the highest expression of quality.  Its modern facility maintains its original installations and ensures the authenticity of its product.

Tosolini_familyNow in its third-generation, Bepi’s son Giovanni, along with Bepi’s grandchildren Giuseppe, Bruno and Lisa, carry on the legacy. Together, they strive to keep the craftsmanship and excellence of Master Bepi alive through a relentless pursuit of quality and purity.

Tasting notes:

Crisp and flowery with a touch of citrus oil, very light almonds with no aggressive hints. Light, grape flavours, quite soft on the palate with notes of peach and apricot.










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