Jules Gautret VS Cognac


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Jules Gautret was born into a family of wine-estate owners who settled in Jonzac around 1780. The purchase of the Chateau de Jonzac by the Gautret family in 1818 marked the start of a promising future for this Charente bourgeois family. In 1847, Jules Gautret established his own cognac eaux-de-vie néogicant House in Jonzac and set up cellars and a distillery 30 kilometres south of Cognac. The Jules Gautret House is recognised internationally and is a standard of excellence renowned for the quality of its products.

Cognac has often been referred as ‘the drinks of the gods’. The first written record of Cognac production, dating back to the 17th century, mentions a certain Chevalier de la Croix Marron in Brée-en-Charente, who succeeded in capturing the very soul of wine by redistilling an already distilled wine. Aged in oak barrels in the cool half-light Charentais Cellars, this double-distilled spirit became hugely successful around the world. Oak ageing not only contributes tannin, but also enables Cognac to ‘breathe’ through the pores in the wood and take on a beautiful amber colour. Making fine Cognac is more of an art than a technique, and each distiller adapts to the quality and origin of the wine.

Jules Gautret V.S. Cognac is made according to time-honoured Charentais techniques.