Koval Barreled Gin


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OK, we know this one is a bit left field so we have a tasting bottle available.

This is, apparently, the next big thing in gin.  A few people in the UK are experimenting with barrel ageing but we won’t see the results for a year or two.

Koval Gin is distilled from grains and handmade in Chicago. It is aged for 6 months in old Bourbon barrels.

We have stocked an Ould Genève which was 10 years old and that was odd.  A base grain spirit aged for just 3 years in wood is what we call whisky!  So it was basically a juniper flavoured whisky.  Not for whisky lovers and not for gin lovers.  David had to drink it all himself.  Despite that…  This is much more subtle and the Bourbon barrel adds a new dimension.  Like we say, don’t knock it ‘till you try it.  But be quick we only have one tasting bottle.

A great idea for the gin collector who thinks they have them all!









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