Chalice Mead Company Chilli Sting


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Chilli Sting Mead is for chilli lovers everywhere and not for the feint-hearted. This fiery blend of heat and honey is just gorgeous. Combining jalapeno and habanero Chilli for delightful layers of flavour.

Over near Winchester, Mike Wagstaff fulfilled a dream to own a small oak woodland.  In a corner of it he found an old bee hive which had been knocked over and broken by badgers.  He repaired the hive and started a love affair with bees (no, not like that).  He is now very involved with the conservation of bees.  The by-product is honey and from that, mead.

Mead is probably the oldest form of alcohol.  Mix honey with spring water, allow natural yeast to get to work and hey-presto!

We get the word honeymoon from mead.  In medieval times a young and innocent bride was encouraged to drink mead throughout the first lunar cycle following her marriage.  The result would usually be a baby!









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