Moscone Barolo DOCG Cru ‘Bussia’ 2012


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The wine-making tradition of Fratelli Moscone can be traced back to 1877, with the young generation Sara and Marco Moscone currently at the helm.

Their Grandpa, Angelo Moscone, was one of the handful of producers who back  in the 1950s formed the “Terra del Barolo” consortium. They insisted on continuing to cultivate Nebbiolo grapes, despite the dire straits post-war Italy found itself in.

They own 18 hectares of vineyards,  in the most outstanding areas surrounding the tiny hilltop village Monforte d’Alba. Five of these are located in the renowned ‘Bussia’ cru.

4 years in large oak “botti” and 2 more in bottle produces a perfect wine, a harmony of elegance, perfume and power. As the saying goes, Barolo is the wine of kings, the king of wines.

Re-tasted Jan 2023

Tawny in colour, there is a depth of warmth and gentle spice.   Barolo is often thought to be rich and powerful but the opposite is probably the case.  It is gentle and initially appears quite humble but then sneaks up on you warming and raisined and you realise just what depth and class you have in your glass. 





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