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The central-Dalmatian island of Brač is famous for its white stone, an ideal material for sculptors but less than ideal for  those trying to grow grapes and make wine. However in the famous tourist centre of Bol, the entrepreneur Jako Andabaka started the Stina winery in 2009, taking over the cellar from the Agricultural Cooperative of Bol.

The first task was to plant 50 ha of new vineyards at Grabica, never previously cultivated with vineyards (or indeed anything at all), on a plateau at around 500 meters above the sea level, facing to the southeast – a perfect micro-location to make wine… Except for one small detail: the soil was, in fact, stone, to the point that stone-crushing machines were needed to get the soil!

They planted in other areas as well, some of them historic locations where vines have been cultivated for centuries. One of these Murvica, where Plavac Mali has been grown in the past, but the vineyards needed to be revived. In order to revive those locations, major investments were made to improve the conditions, reduce yield and maintain grape quality, while at the same time not the losing the traditions of an old vineyard.

The ‘Cuvée’ red is dominated by this indigenous Plavac Mali, with the addition of small quantities of international varieties. It’s deep red in colour, full of spice and dark fruit flavour. Supple tannins abound, along with cherry and plum notes.







Grape Variety

Plavac Mali, Cabernet Sauvignon, Merlot, Syrah (Shiraz)




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