Viile Timisului Solara Natural Orange Wine


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Refreshing like a white wine, with the complexity of red wine, and nothing to do with oranges despite the label! Orange wine is made by leaving the grape skins and seeds in contact with the pressed juice, creating a deep orange-hued finish.

The wine ferments naturally without the addition of any yeasts or sulphur. The different varieties are then blended and before a natural cold stabilisation, and bottled unfiltered and unfined.

But what does it taste like?! Candied apricots on the nose, slightly herbal, fresh and fruity on the palate, but with a powerful backbone and full body.

Englishman Philip Cox and wife Elvira have managed to achieve wonderful things in Romania, bringing  700 hectares of decrepit vineyards back into use and turning them into immaculately tended sites the equal of anywhere else in the world.





Grape Variety

Feteasca Alba, Tamioasa Romaneasca, Chardonnay, Sauvingnon Blanc